Chances are that you are sleeping in one of the newest hotels in Mestre and that after breakfast you are wondering how to get to Venice to start visiting this wonderful and unique town.

Or maybe, you have spent your whole day walking around in Venice and now you want to go back to your hotel in Mestre to have your well deserved relax.

Either for one reason or the other, there are several ways to go from Mestre to Venice and viceversa.

You could take the train (arrival point in Venice -> St. Lucia railway station), which fits especially well if you’re living in one of the Hotel in Mestre that are near the railway station. There are plenty of trains from Mestre to Venice and viceversa, about one every 5-10 minutes in medium-high traffic hours, 15-20 minutes in low traffic hours. And prices are cheap enough, 1,35€ for the most popular choices (Regionale and Regionale Veloce). The trip will take approximately 10-12 minutes.

Please consider that the train service won’t go on through the night. It will start at 5.05 am (6.05 sundays) and stop at 00.20 pm (0.35 am fridays and saturdays).

To buy the train tickets online you can to the official site of the italian train company: selecting from/to Venezia S. Lucia (=Venice) to/from Venezia Mestre (=Mestre)

The second possibility is to take a bus (arrival point in Venice -> Piazzale Roma) . There are a lot of different bus lines and they cover most of the Venice mainland territory. Buses go also all through the night (lines N1 and N2) after that trains and tram have stopped.

Frequent bus-lines that run from Mestre to Venice and viceversa are:

  • 2 Venice – Mestre railway station Venice | approx. 5.30 am – 0.40 am, every 10-20 min.
  • 4/4L Venice – Mestre Corso del Popolo / center – Venice | approx. 6.10 am – 23.50 am, every 10-20 min.
  • 7 Venice – Mestre via Capuccina -Venice
  • 6/6L Venice – Marghera – Venice
  • 12 Venice – Mestre viale S. Marco – Venice
  • 5 Venice – Airport – Venice
  • N1 Venice – Mestre viale S. Marco / center / railway station – Venice | approx. from 0.20 am, every 30 min.
  • N2 Venice – Marghera – Mestre Corso del Popolo / center / viale S. Marco – Venice | approx. from 0.00 am, every 30 min.

A third possibility is to take the tram (arrival point in Venice -> Piazzale Roma). The only tram line that goes from Mestre to Venice and viceversa is:

  • T1 line : Venice – viale S. Marco / center – Favaro – Venice | approx. 6.45 am – 1.05 am, every 10-20 min.

A fourth possibility is to take a taxi. A taxi run from Venice (Piazzale Roma) to Mestre (railway station) will cost 23€ (fixed cost).

As a fifth and last possibility you will of course have the possibility to take your own car or a rented car to go from Mestre to Venice and viceversa, but then you will have to face the parking availability, and the corresponding cost which goes from around 15€ to 35€, depending on your preferred solution,

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